Episode #11: Showing up for Introverts

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Episode Summary

On today’s show of the Sunrise Brand Collective, we welcome Julie Greenham host of The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast and Coach to introverted business owners, Julie helps quiet souls go from being comfortable “behind the scenes”  to being visible to their audience so they can attract their ideal clients, generate more revenue and fearlessly grow their business. 

We talk through:

  • The story behind how Julie pivoted from french Tutor to Introvert Coach
  • How Mindfulness Carries over and have positive effect on every aspect of life
  • Creating and connecting with your brand vibe
  • Owning who you are and your own personality
  • The true fears and issues behind excuses
  • Comparing ourselves to others and self sabotage chatter
  • Stepping into the shoes of the person you want to become
  • Surrounding yourself with like minded people who will lift you up for different results

Business success is an inside job. WE are always comparing ourselves to others’ success but really all of us are a little farther ahead then some else so it’s important to share our greatness” ~ Julie Greenham


Tune into the full episode for detailed insights and tips on Showing up for Introverts 

Get in touch with Julie at:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thequietpowerhouse
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamjuliegreenham/


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