Episode #32: Business Strategies of an Eco-Friendly Product Company with Lisa Baumgartner


The month of April means Spring is in full effect, and it’s the perfect time for us to reflect on the beauty of the earth and how to be more eco-friendly in our everyday lives and businesses. 


This week’s guest, Lisa Baumgartner, helps her customers make mealtime more fun, cleaner and greener through her company’s high-quality, reusable products that replace those that are frequently disposed of.


Lisa is the Founder & Creator of Funkins reusable cloth napkins for kids. She’s a Canadian mom of three, who has spent the last 23 years living in Bermuda, where the idea for Funkins originated when her son's Montessori preschool required children to bring in waste-free lunches. Prior to living in Bermuda, Lisa worked in Marketing and Community Relations for McDonald's, working on brand partnerships with Coca-Cola, Mattel, Disney and more.


Lisa shares so much valuable insight in this episode, from tangible tips you can implement starting today, to ways you can share about your company’s eco-friendly initiatives online, and so much more.


In this episode: 

  • Easily implemented tips for companies wanting to go greener
  • How to conduct a self-audit of your business or company 
  • Why practicing the three R’s is crucial for your company’s commitment to going green 
  • How to find, and work with, like-minded fulfillment partners and suppliers 
  • How to build an eco-friendly brand in the e-commerce and online space
  • Valuable lessons learned in business, including how to choose aligned partners and services to support your business’ growth


This episode is packed with so much valuable insight and tips on running an eco-friendly business online. In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, taking inventory of your eco-friendly processes is a must.


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