Episode #34: How to Nourish Your Body and Increase Your Energy with Nadine Allaham


Are you waking up in the morning ready to take on the day nourished and full of energy? Or are you stuck in a hamster wheel of late nights, coffee, late afternoon crash and more coffee? Well this week, Erin chats with certified nutritional practitioner and founder of That Green Glow, Nadine Allaham


Nadine is a holistic nutritionist passionate about empowering YOU to get to the root cause of your health concerns. With nutrient dense recipes and simple self-care strategies, she helps women regain control of their health.  She wants to empower this generation of mothers with the knowledge that prioritising themselves will have a positive effect on them AND their entire family! 


She helps women carve out time to fill their own cup, establish an aligned routine, and build a life full of joy that they don’t need to escape from. 


She teaches women how to improve their digestion, rev up their metabolism and balance their hormones through balanced meals, and real whole foods. She simplifies cooking and empowers mothers with ways to mitigate the effect of stress through lifestyle practices. She also helps clean up personal care products and remove toxic chemicals from their homes so that their families can live their BEST lives.


“Always pay attention to the symptoms that you have. Your body is always communicating with you.” - Nadine Allaham


In this episode:

  • How she found her power in adversity
  • Translating her business vision to creation 
  • Her brand Ethos 
  • How to reduce stress and increase patience 
  • Tips for effective meal planning 
  • Actionable tips to prioritize your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing 


“You don’t have to subscribe to a label. Just eat what makes you feel good. Listen to your body, it knows.” - Nadine Allaham

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