Episode #3: The Evolution of a Brand with Special Guest Sabrina Greer


In this episode we chat with special guest Sabrina Greer, a Clarity Coach, best selling author, + Speaker + Podcast Host about her evolution in developing her brand, the importance of brand consistency, and how to balance it all.

Sabrina’s Journey What brought her to where she is today

Sabrina has a growth mindset and knows how to follow her inner guide, or what is in her heart. Her human design is to follow her sacral intuition and if it’s not a hell ya then it’s a no.

It’s taken a lot of time to learn this about herself and push the fears aside that we all experience as entrepreneurs. 

An abundance mindset

Along with her growth mindset Sabrina has an abundance mindset which is essentially the belief that there is enough. So there is enough money, enough clients, enough space, enough energy. Whatever it is that is blocking you. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others and think there is not enough for me. 

Her journey started with writing a small chapter in a book and realized it didn’t need to stop there. She could write her own book, she could start a publishing house of her own and support over 200 authors on their journey to writing their story and sharing their truth, she could start a podcast, she could do it all! Understanding that you can and following through.

Consistent Branding

Took a lot of failing forward and trial and error, she would throw herself out there and sometimes there were crickets. But what she found worked the best was when she was authentic and herself, speaking from her heart. Her core ethos is about supporting women on a mission and achieving their goals. She helps women start podcasts, create events, all the things that she’s done showing them that it’s possible. It takes bravery to put yourself out there but consistency comes when you are truly in alignment. 

The Fear of Being Seen

The fear of being exposed especially during these times is tough. When you build a brand and you are leading with your heart and your truest self you are making it about them and not about you. Have a strong unshakable unwavering belief in what you are offering, people will see through the fakes. It’s hard work, but it doesn’t feel like a hustle, it doesn’t feel forced or hard because she loves her work so passionately. She’s in flow and harmony.

How to Balance it all 

Look at your business the same way you do motherhood. Love your business, nurture it and breathe air into it. A lot of people stop nurturing their business when it gets too hard, they don’t allow it to evolve the way it wants to evolve. We guide our children and show them the way it’s the same as our business. Allow feedback, don’t take it as an insult, it gives you important tools on how to move forward from the stage you are at. Sometimes we need to walk away from things that aren’t working. Don’t force anything, just let it unfold, it’s all going to be ok. Don’t quit, the only way to fail is to stop! Keep going even if it’s hard, and give yourself grace in the moment when you need a break. Schedule time for self care, take care of yourself first. 

“There’s really no such thing as balance per say it’s really about forward motion, momentum keeping  going.”

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