Episode #4: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Launching Fearlessly

Jessica De Castro Podcast Guest

In this episode we chat with special guest Jessica De Castro, an Experiential Marketing and Event Production Extraordinaire, about her story about developing a brand, launching an idea and moving past the fears and limiting beliefs.


The Entrepreneurial Journey

Jessica has been in the business development world for a decade working with brands like Christian Dior, Mac Cosmetics, Holt Renfrew, and Aveda.  She loves working in sales, marketing, and event production and wanted to bring that to life in her own business and take an entrepreneurial route.  While in quarantine, the idea was birthed and executed quickly.  


Experiential marketing

Jessica’s idea to birth a business on experiential marketing was born in August.  With experiential marketing, she helps businesses create exceptional experiences that make a brand stand out.  Thinking outside of the box ideas to engage with people in a way that hasn’t been done before or is desired.  It’s so important to make impressions that are memorable and lasting. It’s all about the unexpected and how you can WOW them.


Brand Development and Launch Process 

It was important to Jessica that who she is, is represented in her branding.  For example, the handwriting font in her branding is the most similar to her own actual handwriting font.  The launch process will be done in phases.  What was important for the first phase of launch is to give a taste of what to expect - showcasing her brand vibe.  The brand assets in place for phase one was her logo and professional branding photography.  It was important to her that the photos represented her energy and self to shine.


Limiting Beliefs and Overcoming Fears

Listen to the full episode to learn more about Jessica’s inspiring brand journey, the limiting beliefs and how she overcame the fears that crept up.

“Being liberated from your fears and limiting beliefs inspires people around them to do the same.” ~ Jessica DeCastro


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