Episode #27: The Power of Mindset and Being In The Moment

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On Today''s show we speak to Janet Castillo a Dance and Performance Coach, about getting out of your head, reconnecting back to your body and being in the present moment.

Janet is also a speaker, Host and Producer of the WORK IT! TV Show. She has worked and trained in various styles with the industry’s best from Toronto, New York City, Hollywood, and London, England. Passionate about her craft and making a difference, Janet’s mission is to spread dance to as many people as possible through her  Dance Workshops and Coaching Programs. She has worked with superstars Jennifer Lopez, Christina Milian, JOJO, and Hip Hop Legend Kurtis Blow to name a few.

Episode Highlights:

  • Following your heart and taking risks regardless of the fear
  • Finding yourself and passion again after building a family
  • Being awake, engaged and feeling alive
  • Being in the moment and getting out of your head,
  • Reconnecting and getting back to your body and the present moment
  • Our heart wants joy
  • Self Expression mindset work in dance
  • Magical mornings, starting your day feeling good and ready to serve
  • Looking inward to find your own unique power 
  • Using your unique power to serve

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Tune into the full episode for deeper insights on each of the five steps!  

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