Episode #29: The Power of LinkedIn and Instagram to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn Strategy

Social media is one of the most powerful tools to use to grow and engage with your network, generate leads, and deepen those connections.


On today’s episode, we are so excited to speak to Social Media Strategist Dee Boswell-Buck about applying strategy to your content on LinkedIn and Instagram.  The theme this month is about getting productive and getting ready to be in bloom again, this episode is full of tangible tips and tricks to start applying now.


Dee Boswell-Buck is a Certified Social Media Strategist who exited her job of 26 years at the age of 47 to go all-in as an entrepreneur.  Her love affair with LinkedIn started when she returned to work after maternity leave. LinkedIn had notified her of job positions for social media management and digital marketing! She went back to school part-time to obtain her certification.  Dee helps women in business show up strong with searchable client-facing profiles, content that fosters engagement and strategies to find and connect with those who will engage, advocate or do business with their brand.


Episode highlights:

  • How Dee exited a job of 26 years to go all in on her own business at the age of 47,  it’s truly never too late!
  • Understanding the basics of LinkedIn and Instagram, how to choose the platform and when to use them for your business
  • How to apply strategy to your content on LinkedIn and Instagram 
  • The formula for successfully applying clear messaging to your posts that leads to desired results
  • Tips and tricks for making authentic connections to grow your network on LinkedIn


Tune into the full episode to learn how to harness the power of social media to make it work for your business and generate more leads.


Be sure to catch Dee’s Laser Focus Series on the third Thursday each month.  Learn that one thing that you can successfully implement yourself to your online content.


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