Episode #30 - Ways to Spring Clean your Home and Business for Abundance

Angela Amlani, Decor Answer

On today’s show, we are excited to speak to a special guest, Angela Amlani, founder of Decor Answer Inc. about Strategies to Spring Clean your Home and Business for Abundance.


Angela Amlani is the owner of Decor Answer Inc, a residential design company focused on providing clients with quick, efficient and creative interior transformations.  Recently, Decor Answer has started offering virtual furniture and decor layouts and personalized decor services all online. Angela has over 16 years of experience delivering creative and time sensitive interior solutions within residential design, home staging and as an on-air designer. She was born and raised in Toronto and is married with a teenage son. 

In this energizing and cleansing episode, Angela shares:

Three tips for spring cleaning your mind, body, and soul

  1. Mind: Declutter your workspace
  2. Body: Open windows and bring in oxygen into your workspace and where you sleep
  3. Soul: Clear your outdoor space, we are using our outdoor space more than ever before


Three spring decor tips to rejuvenate and revive your space

  1. Create an outdoor oasis with outdoor furniture
  2. Change up pillows and throws
  3. Bring life to your space with a houseplant


“This is a time when we’re waking up from our winter hibernation, lets have fun with brighter colours.” ~ Angela Amlani

Spring is around the corner and we thought it would be timely to talk about strategies for spring cleaning not only your home, but your small business too!  The energy and space we create both in our homes and business are connected and by taking steps to do an overall spring clean to bring renewal and rejuvenation in both life and business.


Nathalie presents strategies for spring cleaning your business to help refresh your brand and business:

  1.  Tidy up your computer
  2. Update your website
  3. Organize your inbox
  4. Refresh your content and marketing strategies


In Feng Shui, the belief is that when you cleanse old energy, it welcomes the new.  Space clearing in both your physical, mental and virtual space has the benefits of resetting your energy and making room for boundless opportunities to enter your space, business, and life.


Tune into the full episode for more insights, tips and examples that will guide you into a spring cleaning that will revive and refresh!  


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