Episode #33: Tips to Green Your Business and Lifestyle with Maria Velve


This week, we are excited to speak to Maria Velve, founder of the Green Beauty Curator. For the month of April, our content theme for the podcast is "Earth month" with a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable brands, and we are excited to learn more about Maria and how her business does just that!   

Maria is a passionate certified makeup artist and green beauty expert who believes what you put on your skin should leave you looking and feeling like you, only better. Described as an “educator and an artist” by her clients, Maria loves teaching what she preaches and inspiring women to take their beauty into their own hands. 


As a busy woman and mother of two, Maria understands how difficult it is to dedicate time for self-care and beauty rituals. Shopping for products that are clean and effective can also seem like a daunting task and get expensive quickly when you’re trying to figure what works and what doesn’t. Maria teaches her clients how to choose green, clean products that work, and don’t break the bank. She also loves teaching easy and doable makeup tips and tricks for all skill levels, to help boost your confidence! 

Maria has a Makeup Artistry diploma from Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, and has worked with makeup and skincare in retail, spa and on independent film sets in Vancouver and Toronto. 

When she’s not researching or shopping for clean beauty products, Maria loves cooking, yoga and spending time with her husband and two little boys.

“The misconception is that green beauty products don’t work as well. Green beauty is here to stay, it is not a fad.”  ~ Maria Velve


In this episode:

  • Maria’s brand story and how she started her business
  • Insights on the branding and marketing approach she took to reach her target audience  
  • Easy steps for transitioning and  incorporating green beauty products in your routine
  • Challenges in growing an eco-friendly and sustainable brand, and how to overcome it
  • Tips on how entrepreneurs can make a social impact through their business


“For transitioning to green beauty brands, start with the products covering the most areas of your body.”  Maria Velve 


Listen  in to the full episode for more insights on and unique tips on growing an eco-friendly and sustainable business, and how businesses can get involved to make a social impact too. Also, stay tuned for the opening of Maria’s brick and mortar store ‘Healthy Moms Marketplace’, opening in April in partnership with Healthy Moms Toronto.


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